1、Interactions between dicyandiamide and periphytic biofilms in paddy soils and subsequent effects on nitrogen cycling-水稻土雙氰胺與周圍植物生物膜的相互作用及其對氮素循環的影響-Science of The Total Environment,2020,718,137417

2、Periphyton has the potential to increase phosphorus use efficiency in paddy fields-附生植物有可能提高稻田的磷利用效率-Science of the Total Environment,2020,720,137711

3、Assessment of Cd availability in rice cultivation(Oryza sativa):Effects of amendments and the spatiotemporal chemical changes in the rhizosphere and bulk soil-水稻栽培中Cd有效性評價:修正劑對根際和土壤Cd有效性的影響及時空化學變化-Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety,2020,196,110490

4、Selenium enhances iron plaque formation by elevating the radial oxygen loss of roots to reduce cadmium accumulation in rice(Oryza sativa L.)-硒通過提高水稻根系徑向氧損失來促進鐵斑的形成,從而減少鎘在水稻中的積累-Journal of Hazardous Materials,2020,398,5,122860